James Corden Plays Cupid Guiding A ‘Late Late Show’ Staffer’s Live Tinder Journey

NoT all televised quests for love are created equal. (BRING BACK STUDS, YOU ANIMALS!) James Corden recognizes the need for more would-be cupid work on TV, so he’s done the sensible thing of “borrowing” the Tinder framework for repeated Late Late Show segments like the one nestled above.

The latest go-around has LLS staff member Phoebe (quite the good sport) pairing with Corden to determine who to swipe left or right on from a collection of IRL bachelors. Depending on your wiring, seeing these prospective Romeos get dismissed (often with a dive into a ball pit possibly lifted from a McDonald’s playpen) is either delicious or kind of cruel. Speaking of which, Phoebe gets in a very important question for these budding beaus.

“Gentlemen, why are you available in the middle of the day for a couple hours on the weekday,” asks Phoebe.

After some consideration, Phoebe made her choice (possibly the wrong one) and Corden might be able to host a UK version of Baggage in the future. That wasn’t the only bit of Tinder chat on the evening’s Late Late Show. Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter explained her limited experience in using the app, as well as the safeguards she put in to not give away her identity.