James Corden Might’ve Just Won The Mannequin Challenge On ‘The Late Late Show’

From what I’ve seen of the mannequin challenge on the soon to be departed Vine and Twitter, people are getting a little creative with the silly memes they create online. Gone are the days where planking and icing were the time wasters of the day, while the Ice Bucket Challenge is nothing more than a good memory. They’ve been replaced by the mannequin challenge and if you thought it was going to stay as a fully online thing, you were very wrong. James Corden shared his addition to the challenge ahead of The Late Late Show tonight, using the entire staff of the show to create what might be one of the best.

Yeah, it’s a little bit of a cheat given the budget for a television production and the massive amount of people that can help out. But at the same time, it’s showing how far this has spread in a short amount of time. This show wasted the time to create their very own mannequin challenge video, taking the entire staff away from work to put it together. It shows the popularity is growing — or has grown — to some great heights.

What might show that it is also on the way out is the fact that Fox News released their own version starring everybody’s favorite emotional news man Shepherd Smith. Which mainstream entry did it better? Are we just lucky this didn’t hit at the height of election season?

(Via The Late Late Show)