James Corden Enlists Sir Ben Kingsley To Bring ‘Mary Poppins’ To The Streets Of London In ‘Crosswalk The Musical’

James Corden promised to bring some fun and entertainment to London this week and his first night in his home town did not disappoint. After delivering a stirring message to open the show, addressing the shocking terrorist attack that struck London Bridge on Saturday night, Corden welcomed everyone to The Late Late Show and delivered a taste of all the show’s best bits. Not only is there a Carpool Karaoke waiting in the wings with Ed Sheeran, but he also brought Crosswalk The Musical to London with a performance of Mary Poppins.

All of the classic songs from the Disney film were brought to life, with Corden playing Poppins and Sir Ben Kingsley showing up to give the performance of a lifetime as Bert The Chimney Sweep. Like most of the past installments, time is a major factor for each performance. The difference this time around seems to be the London crowd. While they are a captured audience, most of the folks don’t seem too interested in what Corden is offering. Or they’re just bewildered why there’s a full performance happening right in the middle of the street — featuring an oddly-shaped man in the costumes made famous by Julie Andrews.

The segment has the right balance of comedy and pure energy, making it a proper opening to the week of shows in London and nice rebuttal to the terror that struck Saturday night. It’s not a time to be afraid, it’s a time to have fun and anger people during their daily commutes. That’s the proper thing to do.

(Via The Late Late Show)