James Deen Doesn’t Care What You Think Unless You Were On ‘The Simpsons’

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James Deen — male porn star; star of the upcoming non-porn, Lohan co-starring, Bret Easton Ellis project The Canyons; and pretty much the only person in the Farrah Abraham sex tape mess who handled himself with anything resembling class — did a wide-ranging interview with Gawker this morning that covered his life in the adult industry, not talking about Lindsay Lohan anymore, and his new film. But since this is a TV website and I kind of love this quote, here he is discussing other people’s opinions of him, and what he thinks of them.

What the hell do I care what these people think? If it’s not on The Simpsons it doesn’t exist and most of the people I meet aren’t on The Simpsons. If I met Alec Baldwin and he made me feel like sh*t I might be a little hurt, because he was on The Simpsons. What do I care if some producer who worked for Steven Spielberg says something insulting? Who cares? You’re not on The Simpsons, go f*ck yourself.

Someone saying The Baha Men don’t have to go f*ck themselves is the best thing to happen to The Baha Men in like five years.

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