James Ellroy Hates Hipsters, Liberals, The Modern World, Poor People, And Everything You Can Think Of

James Ellroy, the famous novelist and mind behind movies such as the great L.A. Confidential and whatever the hell The Black Dahlia was, was interviewed by the Shortlist. When it comes to epic rants of hate, Ellroy is top shelf in his bad taste. Via Grantland:

“I hate hipsters, I hate liberals, I hate rock’n’rollers, I hate the counter-culture, I hate movie people.”

Hating all of those things sounds pretty hipstery. How about that last Bond movie?

Skyfall [is] fucking brilliant and it’s the only profound James Bond movie. They’re usually boring and overlong; the books are boring and racist.”

I admit, I have never read a James Bond book. Skyfall looked great but was admittedly terrible in just about every way imaginable. They took the rough and gritty Casino Royale and brought back all the cheesy crap Bond became known for. Jeez, what could he say about some of the best shows ever made?

“I think Deadwood and Mad Men were intermittently quite wonderful, but often shoddy and veered into incoherence. I saw one or two episodes of The Wire and thought it was bullshit. Bad writing.”

He just downed 3 of my favorite shows of all time, and then said The Wire had bad writing? THE WIRE?! What are his feelings on the underclass and the modern world?

“I don’t give a sh*t about the modern world…And I have no sympathy for the underclass.”

I’m gonna throw in a guess of how he feels about President Obama. He doesn’t like him very much, does he?

“I hate [Obama]. I think he’s a coward, incompetent and I find him sinister. He’s the face of cancerous socialism under the guise of benevolence. His wife going on the Academy Awards by remote hook-up made them come across like Soviet apparatchiks.”

The best part about someone ranting about how they hate socialism is asking them to define it. 9/10 it start veering toward Nazi’s and people not working and getting free stuff. I can picture this guy skeet shooting puppies from atop a pile of signed Ayn Rand novels. Is there anything this guy likes beyond watch happy movies in reverse?

Glad you asked! Yes there is, and it is dog-sitting in snowbound estates in Rhinebeck, New York: “I took walks with [the dogs] across golf courses in the snow, and urinated and defecated with them. We were a pack. I wasn’t the leader, but we slept together at night. If it was cold I’d call it ‘a two-dog night’. They’d growl at me if I got up to take a leak. Grr. It was like having two big, good-looking women fighting over me. So good.”


Via Grantland