James Franco And Adam Pally Will Appear As OB/GYNs On ‘The Mindy Project’ Next Season

07.18.13 10 Comments

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So here’s a bit of ladybusiness-related news. The Mindy Project has booked James Franco and Adam Pally for multi-episode arcs on the show’s upcoming second season, and both actors will play OB/GYNs at the office where Mindy works. Franco, according to Variety, will play Dr. Paul Leotard, who will appear for two episodes as “a model-turned-doctor who replaces Mindy at Shulman & Associates while she is in Haiti doing volunteer work,” which is notable because “Dr. Paul Leotard” is the perfect name for a character played by James Franco. We should go through all his old TV and movie appearances and make that his name retroactively. It would be hard work, sure. But most important work is.

As for Pally, TV Line reports that the former Happy Endings star will have a multi-episode run as a new doctor at the clinic. This makes him the second Happy Endings alum to land a significant guest spot on a Fox sitcom next season, as Damon Wayans, Jr. is also returning to New Girl. There’s not any background on Pally’s character out there yet, but if there’s one thing we can all be sure of, it’s that he’ll have excellent bedside manner.


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