James Franco To Stephen Colbert: ‘I Am A Fraud. This Is An Act.’

Like many, I am intrigued by the idea of James Franco showing up on The Colbert Report. There’s just something about two guys who have achieved massive levels of success by publicly portraying a satirized version of themselves sitting down and shooting the sh*t that is all sorts of compelling.

Unfortunately, despite the headline and quote, Colbert wasn’t able to actually crack James Franco’s James Franco facade and get any real answers as to what the f*ck is going on with James Franco (instead he got a bullsh*t Scarecrow metaphor that really hammers home the James Franco-ness of the conversation). The anticlimactic fraud exchange starts at the 1:30 mark below. And even though it will leave you unfulfilled, Colbert does transition nicely into a pun-erific game of “Marry, Hit That, Throw a Pail of Water on Her” based on Franco’s three witchy Oz the Great and Powerful co-stars. And they close with a Tolkien Showdown.

Warning: Never challenge Colbert to a Tolkien Showdown.

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