James Franco And Conan Answer ‘The Disaster Artist’ Hotline In The Middle Of An Interview

The Disaster Artist is a delightful part of awards season. James Franco is perfect as the mysterious Tommy Wiseau and clearly has an adoration for the guy that has expanded into the promotion for the film. Not only has he brought Wiseau to some of the talk show interviews with him and plans to take him to the Golden Globes in January, he’s also taken up answering the phone number placed above the billboard promoting The Disaster Artist in the same way Wiseau once promoted his own film.

He’s answering calls, taking messages, and doing it in character as Tommy Wiseau. It seems like it might be a joke or gag recorded for promotion, but it is actually him talking on the other end. He proves this on Conan by taking a call and chatting with a guy from New Zealand in the middle of an interview.

It’s fun, but it is also a little sad because now the trick has been fully revealed. The early folks who were brave enough to make a call likely got a better experience than the folks who are calling now and attempting to talk to James Franco.

Still, we get a fine Conan The Barbarian nod here and get to create a backstory for someone named Conan Washington. He’s a drunken fellow, but he’s fun to be around.

(Via Team Coco)