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Here’s the promo for James Franco’s turn as a bad guy on “General Hospital,” and I can’t explain it but it’s really damn cool that this well-established film actor just up and decided to be on a soap opera. In fact, I’m almost kind of annoyed by how cool and self-assured he is as an actor and as a person. Like, it’s not enough that he’s handsome and hangs out with the Judd Apatow crew since his days on “Freaks and Geeks,” he’s also willing to leave Hollywood to get an M.F.A. from Columbia, and he just filmed an episode of “30 Rock,” and he made a random appearance with no lines in an “SNL” skit, and it was his idea to be on a soap opera for some weird art project he won’t divulge. STOP BEING SO COOL GODDAMMIT.

[The Daily What; interview at NY Mag’s Vulture]

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