James Franco Shares Disturbing Lindsay Lohan Stories With Howard Stern, Calls Her A Delusional Stalker

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James Franco seems really put off by the fact that Lindsay Lohan added him on her infamous f**k list, and in an interview with Howard Stern yesterday, Franco wanted to put the rumors to rest, saying that he only made out with her because he was being “nice.”

And what does he get for being a nice guy? A stalker.

Franco told Stern that they made out just once, and it was a long time ago, when Lohan was still a teenager.

All right, we maybe kissed … it was lame. This is meaningless in my life. When we made out, it was so long ago … I was like a nice guy. Like, OK, the kiss is enough. It was also sort of like, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ She was young.

From then on, Lohan became obsessed. She’d end up being at the same clubs as him, Franco said, and she’d turn horrible after a night of drugs, and Franco would have to get away from her. But then one night, Lohan broke into his hotel room.

We were at this hotel during a very dark period of her history. It seemed pretty damn clear that she liked me. I’d come home late to the hotel and she’d come find me. I knew which room she was in and I’d see through the window like, “Oh there’s another party at Lindsay’s,” and she would come out to the pool area and find me. She even broke into my room one time because she was so at home there I guess they just gave her the key. And so 3 in the morning, I was on the couch and I open my eyes and there’s Lindsay in my room at 3 am and it’s like okay what do I do now. I read her a story.

Wait? He read her a story? It’s 3 a.m., an intoxicated woman with whom he’d made out in the past breaks into his hotel room, and he read her a story? Did he read her a story with or without a condom? And if it was Where the Wild Things Are, did he demonstrate what a “wild rumpus” was? THESE THINGS MATTER.

Anyway, they’re not friends anymore because she’s “lame and stupid,” and the last time he saw her, he invited her to a project, and she made fun of some of the actors, and he had to ask her to leave. THE END.

Source: The Blemish via Pajiba

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