New Jersey & NYC Newspapers Mourn James Gandolfini On Their Covers

06.20.13 7 Comments


Early this morning I went for a long walk with my dog and along the way I listened to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on repeat. This walk marked the first time since learning about James Gandolfini’s death that I felt genuine sadness over his loss start to set in. I think I was too shocked by it in the previous hours for it to seem real.

But alas, it really happened, an unfortunate occurrence hammered home by the covers of NYC and New Jersey newspapers this morning. In addition to the cover of the New York Post above, below are a few others.

The Newark Star-Ledger, the paper Tony picked up at the end of his driveway each morning on The Sopranos


The Asbury Park Press


The New York Daily News


And the Bergen Record


(All covers via Yahoo’s Dylan Stableford)

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