James Gunn Has Taken A Side In A ‘Muppets Vs. Sesame Street’ Fight, And He’s Very Passionate About It

After recently wrapping filming on The Suicide Squad, James Gunn’s been taking self-isolation seriously, it seems. As has been the case for many people, social media’s been a key outlet for him during these long days and nights. Between recommending movies to stream and bringing us his dancing Baby Groot moves again, Gunn’s helping to keep spirits alive. However, things have taken an extra strange turn after Gunn randomly hopped into a debate over a hypothetical throwdown. It’s getting ugly.

This ruckus began when Twitter user KaciLouWho11 not-to-innocently began a poll that asked people to pick who would win a street fight: the characters of Muppets or Sesame Street? Oh boy.

The replies began pouring in for this tweet, and people took the matter personally. Honestly, my natural instinct would be to root for the Sesame Street gang because Oscar the Grouch has a built-in weapon (trash can lid, man) on his side. Also, The Count’s freaking undead and is pretty darn clever, relatively speaking, so he’d be a formidable foe and team asset. Also, both Big Bird and Snuffleupagus have sheer size on their side. Yes, I do realize the Muppets crowd lends itself to more gleefully-executed chaos, but I think the street smarts of the other side would lead to ultimate domination. And the Guardians of the Galaxy director agrees.

“WTF. Too many people are voting muppets and forgetting what a natural born killer Snuffleupagus is,” Gunn tweeted. “Yes I KNOW Animal and Piggy are hardcore. But [are they] Oscar and Cookie tough? No. Absolutely not. Don’t fuck this up Twitter.”

Matter settled? Done and done.