James Wolk, A.K.A., Bob Benson, Reveals His Favorite Bob Benson Theory

There’s only two more days until the next episode of Mad Men, at which point most of the fun we’ve been having with theories this season may end, as Matthew Weiner provides some clarity. Or he muddies the water some more, and we go into an even higher gear next week. The joys of Mad Men! Most of the major theories this season have revolved around two characters, Megan Draper and Bob Benson (oh, and Pete Campbell, of course). Most of the theories surrounding Bob Benson ask one question: Who the f**k is this guy? Is he a serial killer? Is he Tex Watson? Is he FBI? Is he gay? IS HE SAL ROMANO’S LOVER SEEKING REVENGE ON SAL’S BEHALF? I have no idea. Besides the lie about the death of his father, I haven’t seen anything in this season to suggest that Benson is anything other than a nice guy, a go-getter, a man that looks impeccable in short shorts. BUT, what we do know is that his time on Mad Men is probably finite, as he is set to be a series regular on CBS’s fall show, The Crazy Ones, although that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t do double duty (see Alison Brie. Actually, where the hell is she of late?)

Anyway, the guy who plays Bob Benson, Lone Star’s James Wolk, sat down for an interview with the NYTimes to talk about his Mad Men character, and though the interview was incredibly unrevealing (the cast is really good at not giving anything away), he did reveal his favorite Bob Benson theory so far.

Q. The purposefulness with which Bob goes around the office, and the way he seems to turn up everywhere, has viewers suspicious of his true motivations, and has spawned a lot of theories about the character. What do you think of them?

A. They’re hilarious. I can tell you my favorite one. Someone said he was Peggy’s son, time-traveling back from the future. [starts laughing] I laughed for like 10 minutes. I thought that was hilarious.

Q. I notice you’re not denying this.

A. I am saying nothing.

That theory, it appears, originated on Grantland, and although it was in jest, since Grantland took Danger’s Pete Campbell theory seriously, I’m going to assume that Grantland was very serious about that theory, too. Now who is the crazy site, huh, Grantland?

Anyway, he’s clearly the bastard son of Anna Draper’s sister, Patty, and her lover, the real Don Draper. Obviously.

(Source: The NYTimes)