Jane Fonda And Stephen Colbert Relive Their Steamy Past While Keeping It ‘Professional’

Jane Fonda was the the first guest on Thursday’s Late Show, but it wasn’t the first time she’s been interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Way back in the Colbert Report days, Fonda would make things hot and heavy for our host. So, Colbert went over their previous encounters and pleaded for professionalism this go-round.

While she is known far and wide for being a feminist icon, Fonda is also apparently a fan of emojis. It’s just a shame that there seems to be few options to combine her two loves… until now. Colbert happened to have a few examples laid out for Fonda’s approval. There were quite a few selections, from flaming bras, to the Notorious R.B.G., and there was even a Jane Fonda Workout emoji. But their favorite of the bunch went right back to their romantic endeavors.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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