‘Jane The Virgin’ Won’t Be An Accurate Title For Much Longer

Jane the Virgin — one of the more consistently delightful shows on TV — has done a great job of finding reasons for Jane Gloriana Villanueva to not have sex. She’s almost done the dirty deed with Michael and Rafael (#TeamMichael), as well as an advisor at her college, but she’s impressively kept the promise she made to herself and her grandmother to remain chaste until marriage. Well, now that she and Michael are hitched, how much longer can creator Jennie Snyder Urman keep Jane a virgin? Not much.

“She does lose her virginity [in season three],” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s in the first half of the season, and it’s quite a big episode for us.” Urman added that the scene is “keeping me up at night. We want to give real expectations, knowing that it doesn’t always come together all at once.”

Jane will presumably get it on with Michael, but there’s one kinda big problem: he was shot by Rose in the season finale. (Poor guy. He’s been waiting years to have sex with his girlfriend-turned-wife, then when he’s finally able to, he gets blasted in the chest by a drug lord who’s been posing as his former police department partner the entire time.) It’s highly unlikely Michael’s dead, but you never know with this show — plus, according to Urman, “you’ll meet someone from Jane’s past, before she met Michael.”

I bet it’s the Latin Lover Narrator. That sly dog.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)