Janet From ‘The Good Place’ Has The Best Bottle Cap Challenge Video Yet

Viral videos are entirely what you make them. For some, it’s not worth the bother. But others recognize that viral challenges and videos are an opportunity to impart your own personal branding on a moment, or at least to get some attention, for better or worse.

That’s why they spread, quite frankly: People think they can put their own special twist on something everyone else is doing. And the celebrity versions of these videos can certainly vary. Justin Bieber, for example, used it to try fighting Tom Cruise for some reason. For some, it’s a chance to show off some amazing talents that they’re already known for.

For The Good Place‘s version of the challenge, which was shared on Saturday, it was more of a fun joke about one of the show’s characters than an impressive feat. Janet, the computer sidekick that can do pretty much anything and contains the whole of human knowledge and history, surely can detach a bottle cap without her hands. In fact, she doesn’t even need sweet karate moves.

It’s wholesome content that will make fans of the show long for Season 4, but it’s also bittersweet because every reminder that Season 4 is coming means that the show is also coming to an end.