Japanese Women Falling Into Mud Pits Is The Game Show America Needs

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11.05.12 8 Comments

From the country that brought us this GIF of a woman choosing a plunger over life itself and TORE!, in which contestants must answer questions while being mummified, comes Jump Into Mud Puddle. Japan is the best.

Here we have a video of two Japanese girls diving into a mud pit head first. 2 Girls 1 Mud Pit, you say? Well actually, this is a video clip from a Japanese game show called Jump Into Mud Puddle (泥の水たまりに飛び込む), in which the contestant who stays submerged in the pit the longest wins ¥8 million Yen, which is around $100,000 USD. (Via)

God, I love the literalness of the Japanese. Wheel of Fortune would be so much better if it was called Circular Object of Arbitrary Chance. If Jump Into Mud Puddle‘s ever adapted into an American series (a phenomenon that’s happening with increasing frequency, according to the Hollywood Reporter), ABC or SpikeTV or whichever network picks it up would include fart sound effects when the ladies hit the mud, and everything would be right in the world once more. ALL the Emmys.

(Via The Daily What)

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