Jared Fogle’s Cameo Has Now Been Dropped From ‘Sharknado 3’

In the wake of the child pornography investigation that led authorities to raid the home of Jared Fogel and subsequently resulted in Subway parting ways with their spokesperson, Fogel will no longer be appearing in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, which premieres on SyFy on July 22. A spokesperson for SyFy confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that while Fogel did shoot a scene for the third installment of the flying shark franchise, it will not appear in the final cut.

If you’ll recall, Fogel also made a cameo in the second Sharknado but he did not get eaten by a shark, which was why he was able to return for the third one. So now we’ll never get to see Jared Fogel get eaten by a shark. How do you think he was going to get eaten by a shark? I bet it would have been in a giant sandwich somehow, possibly with guacamole. The Sharknado people probably had something good figured out. Ah, phooey.

In the meantime, this is apparently still hanging up in Subway locations: