Jason Alexander Won’t Respond To You If You Call Him ‘George’ From Seinfeld

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Jason Alexander is currently performing a one-man show called, “Jason Alexander: Comedy! Music! Musical Comedy!” Even if this is the greatest one-man show of all-time, he’ll still be George Costanza to everyone. No matter what Jason Alexander does he is George. And don’t even bother calling him George if you want to get his attention.

No, not because he’s sick of it, but because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. He recently explained his predicament to The Philadelphia Inquirer:

I don’t mind any of it, to tell you the truth. I know that even the can’t-stand-yous are hurled at me with some degree of affection. The only thing is, if you yell ‘George,’ at me in a public place, I probably won’t acknowledge it – not because I’m offended – but because, on many occasions, I have cavalierly turned to acknowledge my praise and kinship, only to find that that same person is calling out to someone actually named George. So, yes, I have been embarrassed many times.

With an equally normal name, you can only imagine what Jerry Seinfeld must go through on a daily basis. When he hears someone shout Jerry, is it a friend calling his name? A fan shouting his character’s name? Or it could be some other totally random Jerry? All those fancy cars and coffees and hundreds of millions of dollars probably hardly seem worth the trouble.

As for Alexander, if you do ever see him on the street and want to get his attention, try shouting the name of one of the characters he has played on another show. Something like “Cliff Bemis” from The Grinder. Or maybe “Jason Alexander” from Curb Your Enthusiasm. One of those might work.