Jason Alexander’s Hair Is Terrifying And Must Be Stopped

Earlier today, Danger passed along a clip from this week’s Hollywood Game Night in which Nick Cannon makes fun of Al Roker, who in turn throws water at Cannon, screaming, “It’s raining.” It’s what passes for news on an otherwise boring TV day. I know the attention was supposed to be on Cannon and Roker (great buddy cop movie name, btw), but I couldn’t stop staring at Jason Alexander, or more specifically, the flat Jewfro on Alexander’s head.

I mean, look at this thing.

I can’t turn away. It’s just wrong, like putting a mustache on Don Draper or taking away Zooey Deschanel’s bangs. Back in 2012, Farrell Hair Replacement announced “the release of a new video interview with Jason Alexander [who] is not ashamed to acknowledge that he is wearing a hairpiece now.” Since then, his hair, which started off fine if somewhat unnerving, has seemingly mutated; I can only assume it will one day take over his whole body, a la “Hell Toupée.” I’m worried, you guys. Worried that someday, Alexander will be nothing but a curly clump of hair, like Robin Williams in Jumanji, unable to even make coffee art in Nickelback music videos after one too many customer hairball complaints. At least then he can play titular role in Dunston Checks In, The Bad Guys Check Out.

(via Getty Image)