Jason Momoa Continues To Fangirl Over ‘Game Of Thrones’ On Instagram And It’s Awesome

Khal Drogo may have been killed off all the way back in season one of Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean Jason Momoa has lost interest in what’s going on in the Seven Kingdoms.

The actor has been pretty active on Instagram lately, especially when it comes to commenting on the antics of his on-screen wife, Emilia Clarke, a.k.a. Daenerys Stormborn, a.k.a. Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains… oh, you get it. First, the soon-to-be Aquaman star praised his former khaleesi for sticking it to Khal Moro and the rest of those sexist pigs who threatened to rape her because, other than obsessing over their horses, that’s all they do.


Just a couple of episodes later, Momoa was back at it again, this time giving a shout out to his wifey who literally blazed a path to leader of the khalasar after burning her competition alive (sorry rapey dudes, you should’ve known better than to bully the Mother of Dragons with tons of fire lamps setting the mood).

But it’s Momoa’s latest Instagram post that may just be his best yet. Quick recap: after Dany took the reigns of the Dothraki horde and began leading them back to Mereen, Drogon showed up, gifting her the chance to show off her fire-breathing offspring by delivering a speech rallying the troops to raid and pillage the seven kingdoms that would make Donald Trump proud.

Momoa obviously liked the fist-pumping monologue:

With all of the love Momoa’s been giving Game of Thrones lately, we’re starting to think maybe Khal Drogo isn’t as dead as we’ve been led to believe. Yes, Dany did smother his lifeless body seasons ago, but this is a fantasy series and we’ve already seen not one but two Starks brought back from the dead (or supposed dead). If anyone deserves another shot in the game of thrones, it’s our favorite khal.

Also, just a side-note: Momoa has the best Instagram sign offs of all time. Khal muthaf*ckin Drogo.