Jason Momoa Returned As Khal Drogo For ‘SNL”s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sketch

There’s no reason to have Jason Momoa host SNL if he’s not going to dust off Khal Drogo. And so he did. It was for a show-within-the-show called Ghost Dojo, hosted by Keenan Thompson and populated by the billions and billions of Game of Thrones characters who’ve bit it over the years. Khal was one of the show’s big Season 2 kills, freeing the actor up to eventually play Aquaman, as well as that dystopian movie featuring Keanu Reeves as a cult leader into raves.

And so Momoa got to get back into his old hulking, shirtless, monosyllabic warlord digs, uttering subtitled threats such as, “I will kill the men in the iron suits and tear down their stone houses.” Khal stabbed Thompson, who nevertheless came back to welcome a revolving door cast of other familiar, dead faces, whose presence doubled as spoilers to those who are behind or who have never watched Game of Thrones.

That included Beck Bennett’s also monosyllabic Hodor, Pete Davidson’s High Sparrow, and Heidi Gardner’s Brienne Tarth. Kate McKinnon swung by as snooty King Joffrey, and was cruelly reunited with her killer, Aidy Bryant’s Oleanna Tyrell.

As if that wasn’t enough Game of Thrones dork humor, there were also commercials, including one for “Little Beard Twisties” and the site of infamous “Red Wedding” being revived as a destination for your wedding. They swear they got most of the blood up!