Jason Momoa Helped ‘SNL’ Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ To Cheesy Celebrity Viral Videos

Celebrities are just trying to help in these trying times, but as Saturday Night Live stressed in its latest episode, not all of those gestures are actually very helpful. The sketch comedy show recruited Jason Momoa to make that point in a Beck Bennett sketch in which he plays an actor trying just a bit too hard to make a difference and, probably, a name for himself in the process.

The sketch starts with what looks like an Instagram video where Bennett’s actor posts a “controversial” video denouncing Donald Trump while shirtless. He’s pleased with the Ring-light aided results, of course, but basically everyone else makes it clear that the video was a bad idea. Bennett’s actor tagged some big names in the video — Leonardo DiCaprio and Momoa himself, who he later hears from via a video call.

“Untag me from that pathetic piece of sh*t,” Momoa says, angrily. “It was the saddest, weakest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m watching it and I’m thinking ‘How the f*ck did this guy even get to that age without dying? You need to take it down. Because it’s pathetic and you’re a loser.”

It’s a harsh and abrupt message in the sketch, but it was clearly done with love. Momoa posted about the video on Instagram and expressed his affection for SNL and his appearance on Saturday.

“I love you,” Momoa said of SNL. “It’s always an honor to be apart of this show.”

It might be a bit awkward in the DC Universe, as Gal Gadot’s video where celebrities sang “Imagine” certainly garnered a lot of ireand parody. Gadot’s wasn’t the only celebrity trying to spread some good cheer through social media during a pandemic, of course, and the joke here is that this fictional celebrity simply isn’t popular enough to make a seismic shift in the discourse. But any Momoa on SNL is a good thing, even if it doesn’t go viral.