Jason Momoa Sang and Danced To ‘Aqua Boogie’ During His ‘SNL’ Monologue

12.09.18 6 months ago


Jason Momoa opened his Saturday Night Live hosting gig by saying, “I am so muscular” and professing his lifelong love of the show. Momoa explained that he was a huge SNL “nerd / dork” who dreamed of wanting to be on SNL before he got sidetracked by massively successful career.

Momoa was incredibly enthusiastic all week while promoting SNL and it carried over into the monologue. Then Keenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, and Chris Redd stopped by to suggest Parliament’s “Aqua Boogie” as the theme song to Aquaman. As everyone agreed, the lyrics don’t really fit…

Aqua boogie baby, never learned to swim
Underwater boogie baby, can’t catch the rhythm of the stroke
Aqua boogie baby, why should I hold my breath
Underwater boogie baby, feelin’ that I might choke
Here’s the full album version of Aqua Boogie

However, the feeling definitely fits Momoa who put on some funky sunglasses and proceeded to show off some wonderful dance moves and a beautiful voice. He moves like a much smaller man on the dance floor. He has the voice of an angel.

And if this got you in the mood, here is the full album version of Aqua Boogie. It does not feature Jason Momoa so there’s really no reason to watch. Unless you’re into context.

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