Jason Momoa Punches And Dances His Way Through The ‘SNL’ Studio In A New Promo

Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa is really excited about hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. He’s been posting regularly about the experience so far on his Instagram account, and on Wednesday, NBC released a new promo featuring the Game of Thrones actor’s best efforts to blend in at Studio 8H. When writer Gary Richardson must take a break from the phones to take care of something, Momoa dons the iconic NBC page jacket and takes over. What results is a short sketch that feels, hopefully, like a preview of things to come.

“I do not know that answer right now,” Momoa tells his first caller, before adopting a demeanor not unlike Liam Neeson’s in the Taken film series. “But I will do everything in my power to get that information for you.” This includes punching SNL cast member Beck Bennett in the face after he tries to pitch a new sketch idea, breaking into Lorne Michaels’s office, dancing across the studio floor, and a montage of gratuitously fake hacking shots that would make stock photo makers proud.

Honestly, the minute and a half-long promo feels like a short bit that was cut for time from Saturday night’s broadcast. It’s that good. So here’s to hoping that Momoa’s episode of SNL is just as great, if not better, when it airs.