Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl Commercial Has An Even Weirder Behind-The-Scenes Video

If there was a theme to this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials, it was “weird.” Think: an elevator full of Mountain Dew, Sam Elliott’s dancing mustache, and, of course, the cursed Baby Nut. But the weirdest ad, even weirder than the one with the funeral for the top hat-wearing legume, was Rocket Mortage’s “Comfortable.” It made me, and many others, uncomfortable. In the commercial, Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa reveals his true self: a balding, skinny-armed wimp who plays the slide guitar and struggles to do a bench press; he’s like a reverse Captain America.

But despite the Super Bowl party-stopping image of Khal Drogo looking like Chris Elliott in Scary Movie 2 (or because of?), the ad was a hit — it’s number five on USA Today‘s “Ad Meter,” which is “used to track public opinion surrounding Super Bowl ads.” (In first place was Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” spot, with Bill Murray reprising his role as Phil Connors, while Donald Trump’s “Criminal Justice Reform” ranked dead last.) Rocket Mortgage has since released a behind-the-scenes video of how “Comfortable” came together, featuring Momoa’s arm prosthetics, bald cap, and alter-ego, as seen here.


Imagine watching the Super Bowl with that guy. “No, really, that’s Jason Momoa’s face on my body.” Would anyone believe him? I would not, and would ask him to leave immediately. How dare anyone else take credit for the fine work of Aloha J. Anyway, the folks at BossLogic also imagined what balding Momoa in Aquaman would look like.

Aquaman 2 comes out on December 16, 2022.