Jason Schwartzman Reveals He Has Doppelgangers In One Of The Least Shocking Conan Interviews Ever

So Billy Crystal stopped by The Late Show to grill Dave on his recent spat with Regis Philbin in an interview I probably would’ve covered twenty years ago. Instead of that, we leave the retirement home for the still comfortable confines of Conan and Jason Schwartzman stops by to promote Saving Mr. Banks.

He doesn’t shed any light on if the new movie covers some of the more unsavory accusations from Walt Disney’s past, but he does expound upon his frequent encounters with doppelgangers. Who knew that average looking bearded guys were so prevalent in society?

The most interesting part is how these doppelgangers (or semi-doppels) seem to just seek out Schwartzman on the street and ask him for a photograph. It’s sort of like they can smell his Coppola blood or can sense their own like twins lost at sea.

I  like how Andy asks him if he meets any women that look like him because you know he probably has met a woman or two that look exactly like him. And then Andy high-fived all his bros and proceeded to keg stand his way to the green room.

(Lead image via Team Coco)