Jason Segel Reveals The Worst Part About Doing A Nude Scene On The Big Screen

This might not seem to strange to us enterprising folks with ingenuity and stupid friends, but it actually seems a difficult to do a nude scene on a movie or television show. Jason Segel would know, he’s naked in almost every movie he’s in. It was funny in Knocked Up, a bit depressing in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and down right creepy in The Muppets.

Here he is sitting down with David Letterman to promote Sex Tape and he goes ahead and reveals the rotten truth behind performing nude on the big screen:

“I have to say, you can’t come out there naked. It’s a scene. So they make you just put, stuff yourself into a long, like basically like panty hose looking thing. So I look like Snuffleupagus, walking out onto this thing. And you see other grown men who are just like shaking their head in shame. And pity. Eating sandwiches while it’s all happening.” (via)

Who doesn’t eat while watching a love scene, be it a Hollywood production or a pornographic film? Some of us can’t get by without that fifth roast beef sandwich with extra spicy mustard. It’s a ritual. Jason Segel hanging dong isn’t going to stop that.

(Via The Late Show)