Jason Sudeikis Talks The Oddest Time A Fan Ever Confused Him For Ed Helms

Jason Sudeikis seems to have the unique problem of being confused for Ed Helms when people meet him out in public. Helms is arguably the more recognizable of the two, considering his role on The Office and The Hangover trilogy, so it’s only natural that people would gravitate to wanting to get a photo or autograph from him. This is a problem for Sudeikis because he does look a lot like Helms, yet can’t afford a suit.

He recalls the oddest time he was confused for Helms during Wednesday’s appearance on Conan. It happened back at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and a young lady apparently made the mistake in the middle of posing for a photo — with what he thought was his father taking the photo. She discovers who he is mid-photo, takes the picture anyway, but then returns later for another photo.

It’s a fun little tale of mistaken identity, but the real mistake comes when Sudeikis realizes the man taking the photo was not the woman’s father. Conan then shares a similar situation from his past and we’re all sent to a world where old men are having sexual relationships with younger women. Toss in your grandparents and it’s a nightmare.

(Via Team Coco)