Jason Sudeikis Talks His Involvement In Season 2 Of ‘Last Man on Earth’

The uneven first season of Last Man on Earth ended on a high note that made even the most skeptical viewers cautiously optimistic for a season two, and more of what our own Josh Kurp described as a “good, if occasionally unpleasant show that could become great.” The finale also dropped a major cliffhanger as the camera pulled back and we finally got a glimpse of Phil Miller’s significantly more successful brother Mike, an astronaut who got stranded in space whenever the series of events that led to most of mankind being wiped out took place. Previously only seen in a family photo in a flashback, he’s played by Jason Sudeikis.

So the big question is, what now? Being that Phil Miller’s most successful achievement to date has been creating a “margarita pool,” how does this scenario not end with Mike’s skeleton floating around in space? And even if they could get Mike down, wouldn’t he just die from whatever virus was hanging out on earth? The survivors, while not susceptible, would likely still be carrying it. (I am maybe way overthinking the logistics of a half-hour comedy.)

Sudeikis sat down with Seth Meyers Monday night to discuss the upcoming second season of Last Man on Earth, and confirmed his character will return. From the sound of it, Mike probably won’t be getting off the spaceship for at least the first half of the season, but after that it’s anyone’s guess. Sudeikis says that even he doesn’t know the ultimate trajectory of the character, and that “if there’s one thing we know about working with Will Forte, it’s sometimes better not to know, and to just trust him.” Sounds promising, but I don’t think we can rule out a skeleton floating around in space just yet.