Meet Jay Garrick In This Promo For ‘The Flash’

09.09.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

We’re a month away from The Flash returning to screens, which in turn means we’ve got a month of trailers, teasers, and other hints ahead of us. Starting with what appears to be a promo culled entirely from the first episode.

First and foremost, we get a good look at Jay Garrick, who appears to be taking on the mentor role Wells vacated when he, uh, ceased to exist. Not that Harrison Wells isn’t still around, but the show can’t be revealing every last one of its secrets. Garrick will be guiding Barry through the various multiverses and helping him deal with all the supervillains that apparently were just waiting to fall out of a black hole and start trouble in Central City.

We also get a good look at the villain who kicks off the season, the oversized Atom Smasher, who one presumes will not stay a bad guy forever, considering his heroic origins. Finally, we see if Cisco has developed any game in the intervening several months: He has not.

In all, it looks like the second season will be just as fun as the first, especially if they keep rolling out the bad guys and giving the Flash more to deal with. Really, all they need to do is find a use for Iris and they’ve got a great season already.

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