12.07.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

This Jay Leno is a 1978 interview on CBC, discussing the development of co-ed dorms on college campuses. He doesn’t say anything remarkable or particularly funny (surprise), but it’s interesting to see him while he still had some semblance of an edge, before he perfected his unique brand of watered-down corporate whoring. And man, check out that hair. That doesn’t even look like a young Jay Leno. It looks like Jay Leno circa 2009 dressed as some kind of disco king in a skit that doesn’t make me laugh.

Chief Wiggum: “I can’t believe he’s paying all of us to pretend this is the 70s!”

Disco Stu: “Disco Stu is working pro bono!”

(thanks to pbr for the tip)

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