J.B. Smoove Made The Classic Mistake Of Signing Up For Shark Week Because He Thought It Was ‘Shark Tank’

What happens when a country singer and a comedian bang a cowbell underwater to attract the attention of sharks? You’ll find out when the Shark Week special “Brad Paisley’s Shark Country,” featuring Paisley and J.B. Smoove using their respective talents “in shark-infested waters to see how sound can attract or repel sharks,” premieres on Discovery Channel on Tuesday, July 13. But one thing you should not expect is an appearance from Mr. Wonderful or Mark Cuban, much to Smoove’s dismay.

“Everybody knows that I am a huuuge Shark Tank fan, and I have tons of ideas just ready for Shark Tank,” the Curb Your Enthusiasm star told Entertainment Weekly. “So initially when my manager called me — honestly, sometimes I get tunnel vision and there is a long moment of un-clarity on what exactly this is. They’ll tell me something, but I’ll hear something totally different because I’m already juiced up. I’m ready for the celebrity version of Shark Tank, you know?” When his manager pitched him on Shark Week, all Smoove heard was Shark Tank. “Because Shark Tank is on all the time… Shark Week is, what, once a year?” he explained. This is all makes sense to me.

“My brain went to, ‘Maybe I can think of my ideas based on Shark Week that I can still take to Shark Tank. How can I benefit from this mistake and still get a chance to pitch my amazing ideas for Shark Tank, even though it was clear that this was not Shark Tank?'”

Smoove brings up a good point. There are not enough shark-based pitches on Shark Tank. That’s called tapping into an unrealized market. I bet he could get Cuban to invest a cool $120,000 on a shark-shaped cowboy hat. I know I’d buy three.

(Via EW)