Jean-Ralphio And Tom Haverford Will Launch Another Business Together

I’ve made a huge mistake. No, this isn’t another Arrested Development post (though we will let you know when Extra #17 is added to the cast); my blunder refers to an article published yesterday, on the biggest questions for the fall 2012 TV season. I posed a number of queries about Parks and Recreation, but forgot maybe the most important one: WHEN THE HECK IS JEAN TO THE R-A-L-P-H-I-O returning? Here’s the answer.

Ben Schwartz, who stars on House of Lies, will return to Pawnee for at least one episode where he’s set to reprise what showrunner Mike Schur calls “the world’s worst human being,” Jean-Ralphio.

“Tom as the beginning of the season is struggling a bit because he hasn’t had any good entrepreneurial ideas in a while and he’s running short on cash and he strikes what could be the first ever actually legitimate business idea that he has ever had — and he invites Jean-Ralphio into the mix to be his business partner again,” Schur tells THR.

Schwartz’s episode is tentatively slated to air Nov. 1. (Via)

Hopefully the business involves mending broken hearts. Or cloning Detlef Schrempf. Either or.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)