Mike Schur Wants ‘Parks and Recreation’ To End With A Hillary Clinton Cameo And A Jean-Ralphio Spin-Off

Tonight the 100th episode of Parks and Recreation, co-written by Amy Poehler and Mike Schur, will air on NBC. It’s a huge milestone for a series that many never thought would make it as far as it has, although once they saw the 100th episode approaching, Schur warned the cast not to get drunk and say anything bad about NBC to ensure it wasn’t cancelled beforehand. It’s an emotional time on the show because it’s about to lose Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones, who will be leaving at the end of the month. Ahead of tonight’s 100th episode, in an interview with THR, Mike Schur talked about how he wanted the series to end and a spin-off idea that he absolutely loves.

In his vision of how he wants P&R to end, Mike Schur likes the idea of a casual Hillary Clinton cameo.

From THR:

I want [the ending] to be surprising, but also inevitable. It’s a fine line to walk, but I have some ideas. There’s going to be an arc for Leslie in the second half of the year that points her in a certain direction in terms of her career. If we get to season seven, we’ll continue along that path. I always imagined the perfect ending to the series — and I hope it’s not for a while — would be a casual piece of B-roll where Leslie is walking through a building in Washington, D.C., and passes Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton says, “Leslie.” Leslie says, “Secretary Clinton,” and keeps walking. That might still be five seasons away, but that’s the trajectory I would like Leslie to enjoy.

As for that impractical spin-off idea? It’s perfect.

The funniest one we talk about — one that’s purely for our own internal laughing — is a spinoff of the Sapersteins family, starring Henry Winkler, Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate. I’d totally watch a family comedy where Henry is the dad and Ben and Jenny are his idiotic children who have nothing to offer the world.

I would absolutely watch that show, and better yet, it would save Ben Schwartz from House of Lies. And who wouldn’t watch a sitcom starring the Fonz? I mean, what else has NBC got on Thursday nights, anyway?

Oh, and speaking of Parks and Recreation, have you guys seen that Nick Offerman is on the home page of the actual website for the University of Illinois?

Source: THR and Hypable and Univeristy of Illinois