Jeb Bush Tried To Find Some Courage Against Donald Trump, But Fell Short

Jeb Bush attempted to shake the mystique that he couldn’t go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump by going for the billionaire’s throat at tonight’s CNN GOP Debate, apparently ignoring the opening salvo from Trump at Rand Paul — a guy who hadn’t even spoken yet. He did this by bringing up some of Trump’s past work donating to political candidates and attempting to use political connections for alleged deals.

This did not go well because Trump went into full Art Of The Deal mode and moved to shut Jeb down, frustrating the former Florida governor by the end of their short segment. It’s definitely a sea of poor choices on the stage at this debate, but it’s still entertaining to watch Trump rope-a-dope when his fellow candidates come at him with their best shots. That said, it’s probably not very presidential-like to get into a verbal spar with your opponents.

Trump’s “get along with everybody” statement doesn’t seem to apply to Jeb or Rand Paul. That said, a tip of the hat to Jeb Bush for showing that The Wizard of Oz is full of it and he had courage inside of him all along. This is a lesson for all of us, likely useful in a situation involving cashing a check at the bank or arguing about a food order.

(Via CNN)