Jeff Bridges Explains That His First Pitch Wasn’t A Dude Homage And Why He’d Fight A Horse-Sized Duck

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08.09.14 3 Comments

Jeff Bridges continued his latest tour to remind everyone they love Jeff Bridges — and promote the The Giver (something something your mom loves this book) — by dropping by The Tonight Show last night and pretty much exclusively answering questions about things that went viral on the internet, which is what happens when Jimmy Fallon interviews you.

In the first part of the best clip, the best ever movie president lets everyone know that they’re presumptuous in assuming his Dodgers first pitch was a tribute to The Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges has varied sporting interests) and why he’d most definitely fight a horse-sized duck, even though somehow Reddit never got around to asking him the famous question.

Someone please put this man’s face on currency. More of the interview here.

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