Jeff Garlin Goes Full Costanza, Gets Arrested After Dispute Over Parking Space

06.17.13 9 Comments

Follow me on this one: Larry David co-created Seinfeld. In 1992 he co-wrote an episode titled “The Parking Space” (along with Greg Daniels, who went on create the American version of The Office), which was about George Costanza getting involved in a heated, day-long dispute over a parking space. After Seinfeld, Larry David created Curb Your Enthusiam for HBO, which features Jeff Garlin as his manager.

This brings us to Saturday.

Los Angeles police say Curb Your Enthusiasm actor and comedian Jeff Garlin has been arrested on a felony vandalism charge after a dispute with another motorist over a parking space.

Police Sgt. Harry Rosenfeld says the 51-year-old actor was arrested for smashing the windows of the other person’s car. Rosenfeld says officers arrested Garlin in Studio City on Saturday. [USA Today]

Do you think he was wearing the Indiana Jones hat at the time? I hope he was.


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