Jeff Goldblum And Conan Swap Jackets With Hilariously Weird Effect

When it comes to late night guests, it’s hard to compare with Jeff Goldblum. The man is just so odd and weird, anything he does turns into some sort of comedy bit. On Tuesday’s Conan, Goldblum shows up looking like a greaser with a fine leather jacket. Conan and Andy mention the jacket, leading to the two of them swapping in the middle of the show.

Goldblum looks fine in Conan’s suit jacket, but Conan ends up looking like some version of Gargamel that joined a biker gang. I don’t know why the jacket doesn’t fit, but it’s almost like the sleeves were somehow cut to make him look silly. He turns it into a Bernie Sanders impression, much to the delight of Andy Richter.

Andy is the gem here one again, as he usually is on the show. Not only does he come in for the helpful mic save, but he’s also the one who calls out Goldblum’s gentleman greaser look in the first place. Thank you for never letting us down, Andy Richter. Someone is getting a copy of Andy Richter Controls The Universe for Christmas this year.

(Via Team Coco)