Jeff Goldblum Attempts To Teach Conan The Secrets Of Aging Gracefully And Things Get Predictably Weird

Jeff Goldblum is second to only maybe, like, Paul Rudd when it comes to Hollywood men who are preternaturally ageless. The 64-year-old just became a father for the first time less than two years ago (with his super much younger gymnast wife), and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Such was the topic of conversation when Goldblum visited Conan this week, who in comparison told his guest that, “I try to take care of myself but I am rotting like a pumpkin in the sun.” Goldblum attempted to give Conan and Andy some pointers on how to keep skin looking young (lots of sleep, and fewer beauty products), but as things tend to go when Goldblum stops by Conan, it got, uh, weird.

The segment started to go off the rails about halfway through when Goldblum accidentally threw his glasses at Conan, and then all bets were off. Later, in an attempt to prove that his skin is “not good,” the host literally lifted up his shirt up so Goldblum could examine, which led to him stroking the hairy small of Conan’s back. Goldblum then moved on to Conan’s luxurious head of hair, and the segment nearly got NSFW when he was asked to compare the carpet to the drapes. But thankfully for the rest of us, it looks like the answer to that question will remain between Goldblum and his maker.