Jeff Ross Claims He Got High With Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart At The Bieber Roast

It’s been a few months since Comedy Central roasted Justin Bieber, but roast staple Jeff Ross still has plenty in the can to talk about from the night of the show. Now we know he followed up the Bieber Roast by taking on the tough crowd at Brazos County Jail in Texas, but this story comes from immediately after the roast and involves known felon Martha Stewart.

Seems that Stew and Ross were chatting up Snoop Dogg and the hip hop legend decided to start partaking in some smoke. At least that’s what he says happened. He also says he shotgunned the smoke directly into Martha’s mouth, but I find that hard to believe. She might have a filthy mouth every other day of the week, but that’s her dirt and her filth. Foreign dirt is not her thing, I would assume.

But yeah, we already know Stewart has the skills to roll a joint. It’s all coming together now…

(Via Team Coco)