Jeff Ross Describes What It’s Like To Roast Donald Trump: ‘He Loves Being Roasted But He Doesn’t Laugh!’

It’s kind of hard to believe these days what with the doom and gloom that comes with the imminent threat of having Donald Trump as president, that just a few years back he was just some doofus celebrity billionaire (or “billionaire,” as it may be) getting made fun of by mid-tier comedians on his 2011 Comedy Central roast. Given how thin-skinned the man is, it seems odd that he would subject himself to an ordeal like that in the first place, although we previously learned that the only topics off limits were involving his monetary worth and failed business endeavors — which now makes perfect sense given his refusal to release his tax returns.

Jeff Ross, who has now roasted Trump twice, confirmed this during a visit to Conan last night, who said one of the jokes the now-president wasn’t fond of was involved his book The Art of the Deal having “four chapter elevens.” Although he says that Trump oddly enjoys being roasted even if he doesn’t laugh at any of the jokes, purely because he likes the attention. “He finds that, uh, I think, the challenge of letting everyone know that he doesn’t think it’s funny, even though he wants to be roasted.”

Well, now he’s got the attention he craves, anyway. But unfortunately for him this time there’s no Comedy Central writers or producers to filter out what insults and jokes get hurled his way.

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