Jeff Ross Wants To Stick His Pinky In Justin Bieber’s B-Hole For Comedy Central’s Roast

Justin Bieber is young and handsome, covered in super-cool tattoos, just learned about blond hair dye, pees in mop buckets because he’s a bad boy, and every now and then he (allegedly) dabbles in high-priced Brazilian escorts. Jeff Ross is old, plump, shlubby, and a master of dishing out vulgar and hilarious burns at the expense of random celebrities. Together, they’re the real odd couple and the latest teaser for Comedy Central’s Bieber Roast has Ross trying to gross the Canadian pop prince out in yet another parody of the singer’s very laughable Calvin Klein ad.

The real question is what kind of zany costume Ross will wear for this big event that will air on March 30. For James Franco, he rocked the Spring Breakers corn rows. For Larry the Cable Guy, he tore the sleeves off his tuxedo. For Bieber? My guess is he dresses like a 49-year old version of Selena Gomez. Who knows? It might even be a good look for him.