Jenna Fischer Replaces Jim Halpert With Joey Tribbiani In New CBS Comedy

Jenna Fischer has been picking her roles carefully since The Office ended in 2013. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Fischer isn’t getting more work. She was The Office‘s secret MVP, and continues to do excellent work on the apocalypse comedy You, Me, and the Apocalypse, “NBC’s best show since Parks and Recreation.” Plus:

Variety reports that Fischer “courted many comedy offers this pilot season” and finally decided on one: Matt LeBlanc’s curiously named CBS sitcom I’m Not Your Friend. (Now that Fischer’s attached, does the wink-wink title have to change to I’m Not Your Friend, Jim Halpert, I’m Your Lover?)

Fischer’s character is Andi, the wife of Adam (LeBlanc) who decides she wants to go back to her job as a medical lab technician, so Adam agrees to take over the parenting chores while she’s at work. The untitled multi-cam comedy revolves around LeBlanc’s character, a contractor who learns that raising his kids is more challenging than expected when his wife goes back to work. (Via)

It’s not the most promising or original of premises — stay-at-home dad learns how tough mom has it (will there be a scene where he has to buy tampons for his teenage daughter? almost definitely!) — but LeBlanc and especially Fischer are talented enough that they can elevate any scene they’re in.

And bonus for Fischer: She won’t have to walk over hot coals this time.

(Via Variety)