Jennifer Lawrence Adorably Stumps Jimmy Fallon In A Game Of ‘Box Of Lies’

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05.16.14 19 Comments
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UPDATE: Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk And Tried To Dance With An Unamused Jennifer Lopez

Do I have any idea what happened in this segment? Not really. Jennifer Lawrence was being herself to the brink of an adorasplosion all over The Tonight Show stage while Jimmy Fallon was at his hammiest. It was probably the perfect vehicle for both to exhibit their favorite qualities.

I still don’t get the full point of the game though. I’d much rather watch Fallon play Russian roulette with Nick Nolte and a donkey. Jennifer Lawrence could officiate and I could die a fully happy man.

Also, please don’t strain yourselves trying to unzip the rest of Lawrence’s dress with your minds. It’s not going to work because it’s not a real dress. I’ve seen X-Men!

(Via The Tonight Show)

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