Jennifer Lawrence Proves She’s Honestly Clumsy By Dislocating Her Toe While Sleeping

So, Jennifer Lawrence is in the midst of the promotion tour for The Hunger Games and that means she is also in full “I’m quirky” mode for the viewing audience. Wednesday saw her stopping by Fallon to do some silly dancing and clear the air of the rumors that her many falls and spills are fake.

Her next stop is Conan and she brought some video proof to show that she really is a goofball away from the eyes of her loving fans. So much that when she finally got a chance to sleep and celebrated it, she ended up dislocating her toe:

“This was my first night of sleep … the best night of sleep the whole tour I got was on the plane…It was about 12 hours and I actually dislocated my toe. I dislocated my toe by hitting my own foot.”

Lawrence explained that she hadn’t slept well during the entire media parade for The Hunger Games finale — stupid timezones — and she was overwhelmed by the moment she found her bed on the plane. I’m not even curious about how she dislocated her toe because it’s not like the thing is going to fall off any time soon. I’m more interested in the person who put a full size bed into a plane.

I am aware that it is a thing that happens and plenty of first class and business cabins have sleeping quarters, but I just can’t help but jump right to the thought of it being a horrible way to die.

(Via Team Coco)