Jennifer Lawrence And John Oliver Share Secrets And Battle Boogers During ‘True Confessions’

Jennifer Lawrence is usually a great guest on most of the late night talk circuit. Even if her whole crazy thing is an act, it’s a pretty good one and she goes all in for it. For her appearance on The Tonight Show Monday, Lawrence promoted X-Men: Apocalypse by nearly shaking out of her white dress and revealing some dark truths during True Confessions.

John Oliver joins the game and it ends up being a chance to laugh a bit at Jimmy Fallon and watch Jennifer Lawrence attempt to fend off a wayward booger. Also she’s some sort of pill popper, dropping Ambien before filming a scene during The Hunger Games. Why not just give the girl who shoots off a bow and arrow during a movie a sleeping pill before a scene? Seems like a fine idea. A finer story than John Oliver’s lie about cooking the Queen an omelette. He folds like a house of cards.

It’s also funny that Jennifer Lawrence’s nephew will not acknowledge that she is a member of the X-Men. Lawrence talks a bit about it before sharing a clip and it’s almost what most of your X-Men fans probably hope was reality. Here comes that Mystique solo film.