The ‘Jeopardy!’ Announcer Read A Snoop Dogg Lyric Clue And It Was The Perfect Game Show Moment

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12.20.16 7 Comments


Coming home, kicking back, and putting Jeopardy! on is one of the best parts about getting out of work during the week. Knowing that in your near future, you’ll be able to maybe feel smart by answering random questions without having to actually risk any money if you get something wrong. But on Tuesday night, viewers were treated to a far better episode than they could have possibly anticipated when a music-focused category came up and a clue about one of the best rappers ever had to be read aloud for the entire world to hear.

It’s such a great moment, not just because of the simple fact that the Jeopardy! announcer is an inherently serious job and always reads the clues with the utmost sincerity. But also because of the specific way that he changes his intonation for this particular clue. It’s like he is so excited about the clue and wants to full-on rap it but isn’t allowed. He wasn’t even remotely this excited about the bird category or the category with words that start with “o.” This clip can be watched repeatedly multiple times and not come close to losing any entertainment value.

The episode also featured reigning champion Cindy, who passed away between the time she appeared on the show and the time the episodes aired, and is donating her entire winnings to cancer research. She has now raised more than $103,000 and had to not only come back from a negative value Monday night in Double Jeopardy to move on but also bounced back from being down about 10k tonight in Final Jeopardy to keep her win streak going. Besides already being an uplifting and inspiring story no matter her results, Cindy has also crushed the competition for more than a week on top of that…and counting.

May there be many more episodes of Cindy’s dominance, and many more where the announcer has to recite rap lyrics in as serious a voice as he can muster.

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