Last Night’s ‘Jeopardy!’ College Championship Had All The Diversity And Unintentional Humor

I didn’t tune in for Jeopardy!’s College Championship semifinal last night because know-it-all college kids in ill-fitting sweaters are a pet peeve of mine. But man I should have as it was apparently Unintentional Humor 101.

First let’s begin with the above screengrab with closed captioning. As 30 FPS notes, “Closed captioning almost never transcribes the word ‘uh.’ This one was relevant.”

It’s funny because Tucker is a white guy simultaneously rocking a bow tie and a Texas A&M sweater. But it’s super duper funny because

Yep. That happened.

Now, Arthur Chu wasn’t involved to randomize the entire contest to the frustration of everyone involved so I’m not sure exactly how the round played out, but I think we can all agree that this juxtaposition just set society back a decade.

Cue Stan’s dad on Wheel of Fortune GIF.

Via r/Funny. H/T Danger Guerrero.