Classic Episodes Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Are Coming To Netflix This Tuesday

10.29.18 10 months ago

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For the last 34 years — 54 if you count previous, non-Alex Trebek iterations — Jeopardy! has reigned as the thinking person’s game show. The trivia program is so brainy it doesn’t even air on the classic game show antenna channel Buzzr (though they do run Classic Concentration, also hosted by Trebek in the late ’80s and early’90s). But its smartness is why it’s one of few game shows that lives on Hulu. And soon it will be one of the few game shows taking up bandwidth on Netflix.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, 45 episodes of the quiz great will be heading to the streaming giant starting this Tuesday. Those near-four dozen will be a subset of the 60 that dropped on Hulu this August. They’re not current episodes, of course — which you can watch simply by turning on ABC, if you live in the northeast at least, most weeknights — but a greatest hits collection culled from the show’s deep, deep archives: Tournament of Champion episodes, College Championships, Kids Weeks, some fan favorites.

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